SixthSense Observability uses the microservices architecture for web applications so that applications can be effectively monitored. Systems must be observed for their internal state so that you can effectively debug and diagnose issues by observing its output. Observability uses instrumentation to provide insights that aid in monitoring your system. It provides logs, metrics, and traces to help you find out why an issue occurred. Continuously observing your system lets you stay on top of any risks or problems providing you fast feedback on the health of your environment at any given time.

SixthSense Observability focuses on monitoring your applications in real-time so that you can proactively resolve issues without having to face any downtime. It tells you when something is wrong with a system that you are observing. Monitoring is crucial for building dashboards, long-term trends, and alerting; an indispensable tool for building and running microservice-based systems and providing a good view of your systems’ health.


SixthSense Observability provides the following benefits:

  • Endpoint monitoring to perform the health check
  • "White-box" monitoring which lets you monitor your application performance through code profiling
  • Error tracking and service metrics
  • Monitoring endpoints without making changes in the code
  • Latency: Real-time tracking and over a time series
  • Response time: Real-time tracking and over a time series
  • Failure cause: Failure cause is displayed in SixthSense for RCA
  • Failures: Failures are tracked and alerts can be configured on the same
  • Topology view and track of components
  • Browser monitoring
  • Service and Database layer in the same dashboard

Key Features

Key features of SixthSense Observability are:

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Getting Started

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