Glossary and FAQs

APMApplication Performance Monitoring
KSMKube State Metrics
LMLog Monitoring
PATPersonal Access Token 


  1. What is the Apdex score? How is it calculated?
Apdex Score = SatisfiedCount + ( ToleratingCount / 2 ) TotalSamples

Example Computation

During a 2-minute period, a host handles 200 requests. The Apdex threshold T = 0.5 seconds (500ms).

  • 170 of the requests were handled within 500ms, so they are classified as Satisfied.

  • 20 of the requests were handled between 500ms and 2 seconds (2000 ms), so they are classified as Tolerating.

  • The remaining 10 were not handled properly or took longer than 2 seconds, so they are classified as Frustrated.

    The resulting Apdex score is 0.9: (170 + (20/2))/200 = 0.9.

  1. What is the health indicator below the Apdex score?

    We have the standard range to calculate the Apdex:

  • Good 0.84-1.00
  • Fair 0.69-0.83
  • Poor 0.00-0.68
  1. Why do we see same instances in an App multiple times?

Each process is considered as one instance. If in one of the servers, you have deployed the same application multiple times, this occurs.

  1. Can we have a custom instance name?

Yes, you can set it at the beginning while configuring the agent.