Oracle supported metrics

Hardware metrics:

Type of OSType of OS on which DB is running (Linux/Windows etc.)
ArchitectureArchitecture of the OS
Host NameConfigured host name on which DB is present
AvailabilityActive/Inactive [ Availability of the DB ]
Average CPU UsageAverage CPU usage of the machine
Average Memory UsageAverage memory usage of the machine
Disk UsageDisk usage on the configured host
CPU UsageCPU usage on the configured host
Network I/O disk usageI/O megabytes per second
Network I/O disk requestI/O requests per second

Query Performance:

QueryList of slow queries performed/available
Total ExecutionCount of executions of each slow queries performed/available
Execution TimeTotal execution time of each collected query
TimestampLast timestamp of each collected query


Number of connectionsNumber of connections made for the database
Number of sessionsNumber of session established for the database
Session detailsUser/Query list for established session


Host CPU utilizationHost CPU utilization (percentage)
Disk read per secondAmount of file read time.
Disk write per secondAmount of file write time.
Number if long running queriesNumber of long running (> 60s) queries.
User TransactionUser transaction per second
Number of redo log file switchNumber of redo log file switch events
Number of redo log file waitsNumber of redo log waits.
Hit ratio for the SGAHit ratio for the SGA
SGA cacheable memory per statementSGA cacheable memory per statement
SGA cacheable memory per userSGA cacheable memory per user

Disk usage shows in GB and other metrics will be available in MB.