Mobile Monitoring Dashboard

The Mobile monitoring dashboard contains the following drop-down fields at the top of the screen.

  1. Select application: drop-down list allows you to select the mobile application for which you want to view the data.
  2. Select OS: allows you to filter the view based on the OS. Currently, you can view the applications hosted on iOS and Android.
  3. Select app version: allows you to filter the information based on the application version. This contains all the applications versions that are in use.


The dashboard tab is a high-level view of your mobile application’s performance. It contains the following four widgets.

  1. App usage KPIs
App usage KPIs
  • New users shows the number of new users added during the selected time period.
  • Sessions shows the number of active sessions during the selected time period.
  • App launches shows the number of app launches during the selected time period.
  1. App usage – OS, Versions, and Devices
App usage - OS, Versions, and Devices
  • Installs shows the number of installs on iOS and Android.
  • Top devices shows the top five device names on which the application is installed.
  • Top versions shows all the versions based on installs.
  1. Crash KPIs
Crash KPIs
  • Crashes shows the number of crashes in the selected timeframe.
  • Crash free users % shows the percentage of users that are crash free.
  • Crashes/min shows the average of crashes per minute in the selected timeframe.
  • Crashes by OS shows the crash percentage by OS.
  1. Performance KPIs
Performance KPIs
  • Number of web requests shows the number of web requests.
  • HTTP response time shows the average HTTP response time
  • Error % rate shows the percentage of error-free users.


The KPIs tab contains the following three sub-tabs.



Usage metrics contains the following graphs.

  • Active Sessions
  • App launches
  • New users
  • App version distribution
  • Usage by OS
  • Usage by device


Shows the below graphs related to crashes.

  • Crashes
  • Crash affected users
  • Crashes by OS
  • Crashes by app version
  • Crashes by device (top 5)

Crashes give full visibility of crashes that occurred.

  • Click any crash to view all events that occurred for that particular crash.
  • Click any Crash ID to view details about the RCA of the crash.
  • Geographic Distribution shows how the crashes are distributed across countries.
  • Top Locations shows the locations with most number of crashes. Click any country to view the country-specific crash data.

Downloading reports

Click the    icon to download reports by navigating to KPIs > Crashes. The crash information table is dowloaded in a PDF format.

Click the View events icon under the Crash events column and click the    icon in the Crash Events page to view the crash table in a PDF format.

Click an individual Crash ID in the Crash Events page and click the    icon to download the crash event information in a PDF format.


Only the top 100 entries are downloaded if there are more than 100 entries for downloading.


The Performance tab displays the information about application performance. The following graphs are available.

  1. Number of requests

  2. HTTP Response time

  3. Error Rate

    • Click View Errors to view the full list of errors.
    • Click any Error Code to view all error events.
    • Click on any event to view details about that error event
  4. Users Impacted by Errors: View the users impacted in this widget.

  5. Top HTTP Requests: View the top HTTP requests in this widget.

    • Click any request name to view more details.
  6. Geographic Distribution displays the country wide details of the number of requests.

  7. Top Locations displays the country-wide details of the applications' performance metrics

    • Click any country to view crash information and performance information of the selected country.