iOS agent


  • Mac OS 10.15.7 and above
  • iOS 13 and above
  • Download and install X-Code 12.2 and above
  • Install cocoa pods in your system

Developing the agent

  1. Create a sample mobile application using X-Code in swift.
  2. Open the project in a terminal and add pod using pod init command.
  3. Close the X-Code project.
  4. Open the SampleApp.xcworkspace file in X-Code.
  5. Open Podfile inside the Pods folder and add pod 'SixthSenseMobileSDK'.
  6. Open the project in a terminal and run pod update command. It will download the SixthSenseMobileSDK in the sample application.
  7. Go to AppDelegate class and import SixthSenseMobileSDK and Initialise SDK in the didDinishLaunching function with the follwoing code:
SixthSenseMobile.shared.initSDK(accessToken: "AccessTokenValue")
  1. Pass the accessToken value to initSDK function.
  2. Open the Info.plist file and add the following:
  • AccessToken key as a string and also add value for same.
  • CountryCode key as a string and also add the country code value for the same. For example, for India value should be IN and for for USA value should be US.
  • Add EndPointName key as a string and also add the value:

Testing the agent

  1. You are now in an Xcode workspace for building, debugging, and testing the Mobile Monitoring feature.
  2. Run the application in a simulator and try to make the application crash. After crashing, relaunch the application in a simulator.
  3. Open the Mobile Monitoring dashboard.
  4. Go to the Mobile Monitoring tab and check the crash logs and other matrices.