Retention is a type of insight that shows you how many users return on subsequent days after first visiting your site or product.

Recurring Retention counts a user as part of a cohort if they performed the cohortizing event during a time period, irrespective of if it was a user's first time or not.

First time retention cohortizes users based on when they did an event for the first time, rather than adding a user to each cohort they had the event in.

Column 1: Cohort

  • The table starts from 7 days before the day you are viewing it. Each row is incremented by 1 day until "yesterday" (last row).
  • For recurring retention, the cohort is defined by the group of distinct users that performed the event during that time period.
  • For first time retention, the cohort is defined by the group of distinct users that performed the event for the first time during that time period.

Column 2: Users

  • The number of users included in the cohort i.e. how many users visited your page on that day.

Remaining columns (3+)

  • The remaining columns are the ones displaying retention.
  • Day 0 is the day represented under the column 'Cohort', so it will always be 100%.
  • The following columns will show you how many of the users who visited your webpage on the day marked under 'Cohort' came back and visited again on Day X.
  1. Select the Retention tab in the Digital experience page.
  2. Select the type of retention. You can either select the First Time Retention or Recurring Retention from the drop-down list.
  3. Select the date by clicking the calendar icon.

It displays the retention for the last 7 days from the date you have selected.

A screen similar to the following is displayed.


The graph widget displays the data when the user returned to a particular page and the table below displays the same data with number of users returning to a page during the 7 days period.