Funnel helps you understand where the users are getting stuck or dropping off in your flow. It helps you inspect the journey of users going through a flow and helps you understand where the bottlenecks and frictions are in it. Isolating these bottlenecks and understanding the cause helps you improve the success of your users.

Benefits of a funnel

  • Understands where people are getting stuck during your flow.
  • Identifies the steps which have the highest friction and time to convert.
  • Identifies possible causes of failure or success.
  • Understands how your changes are improving your activation flow.
  • Understands seasonality in your conversion rates.
  • Refines your funnel to filter out noise.
  1. Select a product from the list of available products in the Search product drop-down list.
  2. Select a browser from the Search browser drop-down list to view for a particular browser.
  3. Select the Funnel tab in the Digital experience page.

The entire flow of the user is depicted in a funnel format.


The maximum funnel size is four.

A screen similar to the following is displayed.


The Events/Steps displays the steps already added to a funnel.

Hovering on each of the four partitions of the funnel displays for example, the number of users who visited local host in the past 1 month, 4 of whom have gone to /shop, 1 user has gone to /women, and 1 user has visited /shop/jackets.

To add a new event/step perform the following procedure.

  1. Click New Event/Step to add a new step to the funnel.
  2. Select a URL path from the SelectPath drop-down list.

The event/step is added to the funnel.


Clicking the x mark in the Events/Steps boxes will remove the event/step from the funnel.