Use the following procedure for monitoring the Cassandra database.

  1. Navigate to Database monitoring on the left pane.
  2. Select Cassandra from the Select database drop-down list.
  3. Select a service from the Select service drop-down list.

The following screen appears along with the various available tabs.

Cassandra Hardware


The Hardware tab is selected by default. The following widgets are displayed.

Widget NameDescription
Disk usageDisk usage
CPU usageCPU utilization of host
Memory usageMemory utilization of host
Network I/ONetwork input/output data in MB
Event detailsDatabase Background Events List

Query Performance

Clicking the Query Performance tab and selecting the threshold from the Query threshold drop-down list displays the following screen.

Cassandra query threshold

You can download the Query Performance table in PDF format by clicking the    icon. Only the top 100 entries are downloaded if there are more than 100 entries for downloading.


Clicking the Connections tab displays the following widgets as in the following screen.

Cassandra connections
Widget NameDescription
Connections & SessionsDatabase number of connections & sessions count
HeartbeatCount to check database is alive and responding
Session detailsSession details having users and queries count with time


Clicking the Metrics tab displays the following widgets.

Cassandra metrics
Widget NameDescription
LoadNumber of requests
Database SizeDatabase size
SS Table & Pending HintsBuilding blocks of the total data stored in the database and request pending hints count
LatencyRead, write and scan latency of request
Keyspace CountNumber of keyspace count
Prepared StatementsNumber of prepared statements
TaskNumber of tasks
Local Read,Scan,Writelatency of requests in milliseconds
CacheCounters and keys cache hit rate
CompactionCompaction size in and out in MB