Browser Monitoring Dashboard

Browser monitoring capability monitors browser applications for performance while it is being used by a real user.

Performance monitoring metrics are obtained by the agents along with errors that the user encounters while browsing through a website. Browsing error correlation with APM helps the user not to spend more time on detection of the cause and helps in getting closer to the root cause faster.


For a selected application the landing dashboard displays the following widgets.

  • Apdex score
  • Load
  • Load time
  • Error
  • User impacted by errors
  • Error count map

These are vital for the user to understand how a specific application is performing.


The metrics are monitored for all the pages in the application from which the metrics can be obtained. This tab shows individual metrics for each page so that they can be compared and the focus can be shifted on the pages with poor metrics time.

Pages widget

Click on the page path name, for example "/" in the image to view individual time series metrics for that particular page.


While viewing the number of errors, clicking on the integer value in the Errors column, for example 3604 in the above image takes you to the Errors tab. You can view the errors that occurred during browsing through the application.

Errors tab

Downloading reports

Click the    icon to download reports from the Errors page to download the file in PDF format with Error and number of times the error occurred, impacted user count, last occurrence, and application name as in the following screen.

Errors report

Similarly click the icon under Events and you will see the    icon to download the report. The application name, Event ID, OS, Device type, occurrence time, browser and version details are downloaded in PDF format.

Clicking on any event ID in the events page and clicking the    icon will download the table as-is along with breadcrumbs in a PDF format.


Only the top 100 entries are downloaded if there are more than 100 entries for downloading.

Viewing all events for an error

  1. Navigate to Browser monitoring > Errors.
  2. Click the events    icon under Events column. All the events for a particular error are displayed.
  3. Click the Event ID to drill down into the event and view application details, stack trace, breadcrumbs, SDK and user agent.

Sometimes, the cause of the frontend error can be a backend fault. SixthSense Observability's correlation capability allows a synthetic monitoring frontend error to be traced in APM for a backend failure. To do so, click the APM trace    icon next to the Event ID.

You can navigate to the APM > Trace page where the backend error trace can be viewed. This feature is only available if you have a license to both SixthSense APM and Browser monitoring.