Java agent for Weblogic monitoring

Downloading the agent

  1. Download the agent tar file from the link.
curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: $TOKEN " --output "{{AGENT_VERSION}}/"
  1. Unzip the agent in any location. This location must be provided in the JVM arguments.

Configuring the agent

Update the following parameters in the agent.config file in the agent/config folder.

agent.service_name= APPLICATION_NAME
agent.force_tls= true
agent.authentication = TOKEN_FROM_SIXTHSENSE_UI

To integrate the agent to the application, navigate to the bin directory of your domain.



In the following file, replace the line with the path to the sixthsense-agent in the file.

-- debugpatchAgent="-javaagent:${WL_HOME}/server/lib/debugpatch-agent.jar"
export AGENT_HOME=<path where agent is unzipped>
++ debugpatchAgent="-javaagent:${AGENT_HOME}/agent/sixthsense-agent.jar -Xbootclasspath/a:-${AGENT_HOME}/agent/plugin"

Following is another approach:

In the (for linux) and setStartupEnv.bat (for windows) files, set the following line.

export JAVA_OPTIONS=$JAVA_OPTIONS -javaagent:"<path where agent is unzipped>/agent/sixthsense-agent.jar" -Xbootclasspath/a:"<path where agent is unzipped>/agent/plugin"

Restart the server (, and monitor the logs.

tail -f ${AGENT_HOME}/agent/skywalking-api.log

For Windows based applications, if the arguments to the application are passed from a windows registry service, then you need to pass the agent in those arguments in order to integrate the agent.