.Net agent


Downloading the .Net agent and initialisation

A single unified agent for both .Net core and full framework is supported. Install the .Net agent using the following procedure.

  1. Download the .Net MSI based agent from the download location.

    .Net Installation
  2. Double-click or run the SixthSense .Net Agent MSI with Administrator privilege. The welcome screen appears.

    .Net Installation
  3. Click Next. The End User License Agreement page appears.

    .Net Installation
  4. Select the checkbox to accept the Apache license’s terms and conditions.

  5. Click Next. The destination folder window appears.

    .Net Installation
  6. The default folder where the agent will be installed is displayed. Click Change if you want to choose another destination folder.

  7. Click Next. The backend configuration page appears.

    .Net Installation
  8. Enter and configure the HTTP collector HOST URL, collector’s Port Number and Auth License Key to send the metrics from the agent to collector in the respective fields.

  9. Click Next. The installation screen appears.

    .Net Installation
  10. Click Install to install the agent. The installation begins and you can see the installation status as in the following screen.

.Net InstallationThe finish screen appears after installation is completed..Net Installation
  1. Click Finish.
  2. (Optional) Select the checkbox to restart IIS. The following screen appears..Net Installation

Uninstalling .Net agent

  1. Navigate to Programs and Features > Control Panel.

    .Net Uninstallation
  2. Right-click on SixthSense .Net Agent application and click Uninstall. The uninstallation screen appears as in the following screen.

.Net Uninstallation