Viewing configured alerts

You can view alerts that you have already configured by going to Alerts > Configured alerts. You can view all the alerts that you have already configured for the specified capability and service. For more information about viewing open alerts, see Viewing open alerts.

  1. Login to the SixthSense Observability portal.

  2. Click the Alerts    icon on the left pane.

  3. Select a capability from the Search capability drop-down list.

  4. Select a service from the Search service drop-down list.

  5. Click the Configured alerts tab. The list of alerts you have already configured are displayed sorted by the latest triggered alert on the top. Details such as the alert name, metric, aggregation type, condition, total alerts, and the name of the person who modified it last with the timestamp are displayed as in the following screen.

    Add Alert
  6. Click the expand    icon next to an alert to view alert details as displayed in the following screen.

Add Alert

Note: You can activate an inactive alert or inactivate an active alert from this screen. For more information, see Activating an inactive alert and Inactivating an active alert.