Viewing open Alerts

  1. Login to the SixthSense Observability portal.

  2. Click the Alerts    icon on the left pane.

  3. Select a capability from the the Search capability: drop-down list.

  4. Select a service from the Search service drop-down list.

    The Open alerts tab is selected by default as in the following screen.

Add Alert

The alerts page displays the following details:

Alert nameThe name of alert you have specified while adding an alert.
MetricMetrics used to monitor an application.
Total alert countNumber of times the alert triggered.
OccurrencesHow many times the configured alert occurred.
Latest occurrenceDate and time the last alert occurred.
Triggered onThe date and time the alert triggered.
StatusThe status of all the alerts is Open. Toggle the button to Close. Selecting close will ask you to confirm. In the Close alert window click Close. You cannot undo this action. A new alert will be created again if the threshold condition is met again.